Dropping Architecture is like breaking up with an abusive boyfriend. It’s good but you miss it sometimes.

So yeah the title pretty much explains how I feel so far about my decision to drop. I’m really glad I dropped. Cause like the title said, it’s the abusive boyfriend who stresses you out and ruins your health(b/c of the workload). It literally(figuratively) fucks you over. Ok I shouldn’t be so harsh. Some people really enjoy Architecture, to them it’s the major worth working hard for. For me I think it was something I got swayed by, thinking he was the handsome major for me, my one passion. However I did not expect to be held prisoner many nights. I didn’t enjoy the work. It was tedious and wasn’t worth it. So I broke up with Architecture. And so I thrown away the money and time I invested into him. I thrown away my chance for possibly getting married to him(career). And it felt fucking good.

But then you hear the other people committed to him, talking about all the fun stuff they did with him. You feel left out. You even sort of miss the abuse, and annoyances that came with Architecture. You miss complaining about it; the unique relationship that architecture majors have with their field. You miss drafting with him, sketching with him,making models, rendering and using computer aided design in the meadows with him. But then you realize how much of a dick he was to you. And your decision to dump him was justified. And how much freedom and sleep you got after it. And how you found yourself single, for other majors to claim. You finally find another one you’re interested in, and you’re now trying your best to impress him, like you once did for Architecture.

So what this sort of sick analogy is trying to illustrate is my situation with majors and this sort of nostalgia I feel right now. And how creepy it is that a major in college is really similar to dating/romance.